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About Stratis Athineos

Stratis Athineos was born in the island of Lesvos, Greece, in 1953. He has liberal studies in drawing, painting and History of Art. Since 1970 he systematically occupies himself with art. He lives and works in Piraeus. He is a member of the greek Chamber of Artists.



2017 Gallery of the Municipality of Corfu, "Stratis Athineos", Corfu

2015 Municipal Gallery of Mytilini "Threat or Menace", Lesvos

2014 Municipal Gallery of Piraeus
2009 Municipal Gallery of Piraeus “A Recursion”, Piraeus.
2008 Chamber of Lesvοs, A collaboration ΦΟΜ - Chamber of Lesvοs
2007 Gallery Zygos, Athens
2001 Municipal Gallery of Mytilini “20 Years Stratis Athineos”, Mytilini
2000 Gallery Armos. Thessaloniki
1999 Gallery Xenia Oyerasselt, Holland
1998 Piraeus Arti Gallery, Piraeus
1993 Gallery 13, Soho. New York, USA,
1993 Peter’s Gallery, Cyprus
1992 Piraeus Art Gallery, Piraeus
1991 Fine Arts Gallery, Thessaloniki
1991 Municipal Gallery of Mytilini, Mytilini
1991 Gallery Antenor, Athens
1989 Gallery Zygos, Athens
1988 Gallery Κ7, Thessaloniki
1988 Vlahoulis Art Gallery, Larissa
1988 Piraeus Art Gallery, Piraeus
1988 Rodian Mansion, Cultural Organization of Rodos, Rodos
1987 Homerian Cultural Center, Chios
1987 Istros Gallery, Mytilini, Lesvos
1985 Municipal Gallery of Molyvos, Lesvos.
1983 Municipal Gallery of Mytilini, Lesvos
1981 Municipal Gallery of Mytilini, Lesvos
1981 Municipal Gallery of Chios, Chios
1981 Stoa Technis Gallery, Athens
1980 Municipal Gallery of Mytilini, Mytilini
1979 Art Society of Mytilini, Mytilini
1977 Municipal Gallery of Molyvos, Lesvos
1977 Municipal Gallery of Mytilini, Mytilini


GROUP SHOWS (Selected):

2018 "Three Generations of Greek Painting-Engraving-Sculpture" 2nd Circle, Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, Athens

2018 «Fourth Athens Engraving Festival», Municipal Art Gallery of Nikaia, Piraeus. 2017 Α.Σ.Κ.Τ. (Higher School of Fine Arts), "Twenty Years of Promotion in Greek Culture" Museum of Moschandreou, Athens

2017 "Tender II", Municipal Art Gallery of Agrinio, Agrinio

2017 "Experience of Dreaming" Tsixritzi Foundation for Visual Arts, Athens

2017 "Twenty Years of Cultural Promotion in the Greek Region", Art Gallery of Aitoloakarnania.

2016 Greek Artists, Argo Gallery, Athens

2015 "Three Generations Greek Painting - Engraving", Athens Municipal Gallery

2014 Visual Arts and Rresistance 1936-2014, Athens Municipal Gallery
2013 Exhibition of Contemporary Greek Art, Shanghai, China
2013 The Kyhlberger Gallery, Athens
2010 “The Ancient Olive Grove of Crete through time”, T.EI Crete
2010 The Human Form in Art, Technopolis, Gazi
2008 Panorama of “Modern Greek Engraving”, Cultural Centre of Municipality of Thessaloniki

2008 Panorama of Greek Engraving Technopolis, Gazi
2008 The History of Engraving Workshop” Pantolfini-Siaterli”
2005 “Lesvian Creators in Broad Horizons”, Public Theater of Myrilini, ΔΕΠΑΠ, Mytilini
2005 “Hellenic Ports” State Museum of Modern Art, Thessaloniki
2005 Neoria ,3rd International Art Festival, Hania, Grete
2005 “Portrait”, Mytilini, Photographic Society Lounge
2004 “Olympic Games”, Gallery Giagianos, Athens
2004 Neoria ,2nd International Art Festival, Hania, Grete
2004 Art Studio Anonymos, Athens
2004 Gallery “ Iris”, Athens
2002 Neoria ,1st International Art Festival, Hania, Grete
2002 Exhibition of Lesvian Artists, Champer of Commerce, Mytilini
2002 Museum De Arta Cluj, 7 Greek Artistes, Romania
2001 Pieridis Gallery “1st Trienalle of Greek Engraving, Athens
2001 “1st Meeting of Thought, Searching and Creating”, Gallery of Mytilini
2001 Chios Gallery, Township of Chios
2001 Gallery Millenium, Patra
2001 Art House Milos , Thessaloniki
2000 World Fine Art Gallery «15 Greek Artists», New York,
1999 Gallery Xenia, Oversselt, Holland
1998 Painting Exhibition, Svezzighen, Germany
1997 Magna Gallery, Athens
1997 Pavlos Melas’ Building, Art Exhibition, National Bank of Greece, Athens
1997 Exhibition Room of the City of Lesvos
1996 «Contemporal Greek Painting» City of Pefki, Athens, Greek Arts Association, Athens
1996 “Zygos” Gallery, Athens
1996 Pavlos Melas’ Building, 1st Art Exhibition, National Bank of Greece, Athens
1996 Art Studio of Piraeus
1995 “Zygos” Gallery, Athens
1995 Art Thema Gallery “ Four Greek Painters”, Brussels,
1995 “Gallery of the South”,Piraeus
1993 Gallery 13, Soho, New York
1990 “Zygos” Gallery, Athens, Summer Evens 1990
1987 Petits Format au Faudourg» Gallery Espace Delpha, Saint-Honore, Paris
1987 “Artists Club”, Painters of Lesvos, Mytilini
1987 Athens’ Exhibition dedicated to Peace, Kostis Palamas’ Building
1986 XX Prix International d’ Art Contemporain, Monte Carlo
1985 Athens Centre of Arts
1985 Painters of Lesvos, Municipal Gallery of Molyvos , Lesvos

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